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What I do

I am passionate about the potential that lies within each one of us – and the potential for happiness, joy and fulfilment in a world where we are all able to be fully and authentically ourselves – following our truth, our passions and co-creating playfully and authentically together.


I work with groups and individuals - as well as with my own practice as an artist - to help people find their truth to work as change agents for catalysing authentic change in their own lives and in our world.



How I work


My work is constantly evolving. My focus is on developing Authentic Leadership in individuals and groups through processes that help people connect to themselves, each other and the wider systems within which we

lead our lives.



Key ways I work are through:

  • Leadership development
  • Systemic constellations facilitation


  • Leadership coaching



Who I work with


I work with people who are hungry for change in their life and in the world. They want to live lives that are aligned with their deepest truth and their highest potential. They feel the whisperings and longings that a ‘more beautiful world’ than this must be possible – and want to play their part in realising that.



What is a Change Agent?

Change agents are people who want to bring about real lasting change in their lives and in wider society. They see the need for widespread change and want to play their part in making it happen. Many change agents are social entrepreneurs or those working on social and environmental issues but change agents are found everywhere. If you are passionate about change wherever you are – and are willing to do something about it – you are a change agent!

Debbie Warrener (CPCC)


Facilitator, Coach, Artist




Akasa Innovation interview with Debbie

Published on Aug 18, 2014

5 Steps of Transformative Change

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Step 1


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Authentic leadership for change in our times: Mastery in Sustainability and Pioneers for Change


Deepening our connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world



Powerful experiential process that facilitates insights into relationships and systems



Space and support for you to boldly create the life you really want


Authentic Leadership

Systemic Change

Debbie Warrener

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