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I have danced in many different spaces during my life. . .


One strand is that I lived and worked in the wonderful country of Japan many years ago and have since worked with many Japanese organisations and businesses, consulting and international bridge building.

I also worked for 10 years in the field of international development and poverty alleviation working for think tanks, NGOs, government and international organisations. In this I was involved in international policy processes as well as grassroots development activities; with business on increasing their responsibilities and impact; and on brokering a number of multi-stakeholder partnerships and processes.

Throughout this I have always been interested in the potential of us all to be agents for Real Transformative Change. This passion and drive led me to the field of personal and interpersonal development and to my training in leadership, coaching, constellations and to ecopsychology.


I believe strongly in the importance of creative exploration, expression and play and that being a powerful Agent of Change can be a Joy and a Delight and a lot of FUN!! Wild expressive painting is a deep passion of mine and I also love to dance.


I co-created and co-led the 6 month transformative Mastery in Sustainability programme with the wonderful Patrick Andrews in 2012. This ran very successfully in 2013 and 2014 and beyond.


Another creative venture in 2012 was co-creating and performing in a poetry and performance event called Edges of the Wild.


My passion is adventuring, exploring and stretching myself as an Agent for Change - and working together with others to Co-create the world we sense is possible . . .

About Me

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