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Leadership testimonials


"This was one of the most healing trainings I've ever done - and that's saying a lot. Every facet of my life is better than when I started . . . "

D. H. (course participant)


". . . the course will enrich you, deepen your outlook and provide you with new tools. And if you are alert and ready for it, it will be a transformative experience too."

A. S.


". . . what has really made the course special for me is the way our collective reverence and concern for (outer) nature and the planet has been so beautifully entwined with our inner explorations."

J. R.

Key elements of Leadership


Key elements I see to stepping into our own authentic leadership in service of change in the times we live in are the following:


  • facing and embracing our fears and ‘shadows’
  • journeying together in community
  • supporting each other and ‘calling each other forth’
  • learning to co-create with other in powerful new ways
  • courageous and authentic communication
  • living from interconnection not separation
  • consciously working with ‘not knowing’ and emergence
  • loving and celebrating life and following our joy and passions!


Leadership development is a core strand that runs through all my work.


Leadership development 6 month courses


From 2014 I have further developed my Leadership development work with a new deeper strand of Leadership Development work called Inner Leadership for Outer Change. More on this soon on my new website!!!


In 2012 I co-created a 6 month leadership development programme with Patrick Andrews called Mastery in Sustainability. The course ran twice very successfully in 2013 and 2014. More information is available here.


I am also involved in the exciting Pioneers for Change programme as a facilitator and coach, another 6 month leadership development programme. More information can be found here.


Living from interconnection – not separation

An important part of stepping into our authentic leadership is the shift from living from a ‘story of separation’ to living from and seeing the world from the ‘emerging story of interbeing’ (Charles Eisenstein). I lead workshops on this theme. Here is a report from one event and here and here are participant blog posts from two other events.


Working with co-creation and emergence

I am also working with Justine Huxley (Director, St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation) on skills for working with co-creation and emergence inspired by the powerful Theory U process (Otto Scharmer). We ran an initial workshop on this theme in December 2014 and another in May 2015. More information is available here and to book go here. Recent blog posts by Justine with input from me on this theme are here and here.

An era of new Leadership


I believe that the challenges we currently face socially, environmentally, politically and economically are calling us all to step up into our own authentic leadership.


This is not ‘old paradigm’ leadership of ‘power over’ but is leadership in service of the changes we need to see in our times. Some call this ‘servant leadership’.


This is about following our passions and drives for change in our own lives, communities around us and issues that stir us to action.




Participants after a workshop in the yurt at St. Ethelburga's

September 2014

Mastery in Sustainability graduates, picnic celebration,

July 2013

Leadership events


Mastery in Sustainability

A powerful and transformative 6 month leadership course


Deepening our connection with ourselves, each other and the natural world.



Powerful experiential process that facilitates insights into relationships and systems




Space and support for you to boldly create the life you really want.


Authentic Leadership

Systemic Change

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